The Real Ghostwriter? Mysterious Emails from Beyond the Grave

Looks like the dead have left behind Ouija boards and upgraded to e-mail communication. That is, if the story of Jack Froese is to be believed. The 32-year-old from Dunmore, PA, died last June from a heart arrhythmia. But last November, a couple of people received e-mail messages from him containing personal information that only he could know.

For instance, Tim Hart, his childhood buddy got this message: “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f-cking attic!!!” The subject line read, “I’m watching.” Now, according to Tim, only Jack could have sent a message like this, because they had had a conversation about what to do with the attic space shortly before Jack’s death. Jack’s cousin, Jimmy McGraw, also received a similar e-mail, warning him about an ankle injury that he’d suffered after Jack’s death. “I knew you were going to break your ankle, tried to warn you, gotta be careful.” Mc Graw believes the message to be a sign that Jack is trying to connect with him, telling him to move along and feel better.

Now, I know they’re saying that the e-mails have information that only Jack could be aware of, but it still sounds highly unbelievable. I mean, anyone could have known about McGraw’s injury, and it’s not so hard to figure out when someone needs to clean up their attic. The e-mailer could be literally anyone, there’s no concrete reason to believe that it’s Jack. However, Tim Hart says he doesn’t mind what people think, really. “If somebody’s joking around, I don’t care because I take it whatever way I want,” says Hart. Jack’s mother, Patty, isn’t much bothered either. She just thinks it’s nice that people are still talking about him, and that his friends should consider the e-mails as gifts.


However, there is another explanation to the strange e-mail phenomenon. One that does not involve pranksters, or a connection to the beyond. It is pretty common to find internet services that allow you to send pre-recorded messages to your loved ones even after death. These can be in the form of e-mail drafts that are saved and sent across when the person has died. It could very well be that Jack had subscribed to such a service. All we can do is speculate for now, because no one knows the real story behind the mysterious e-mails from the dead.

via Huff Post

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