The Tragic Story of Rebecca Méndez Jiménez, ” La Loca de San Blas”

Mexican rock band Maná released a hit single in 1997 – En el muelle de San Blas (In the Wharf of San Blas). The song is based on the true and tragic story of Rebeca Méndez Jiménez, the woman who waited for her love for 41 long years. She died in September last year, at age 63. Local authorities are planning to erect a statue in her honor at the San Blas Port.

I read Rebeca’s story in bits and pieces across various Spanish websites. No one seems to know exactly what happened to her; she was suffering from several mental disorders during her final years.

Local legend states that in her youth, she fell in love with a fisherman named Manuel. He went out to sea, promising to return to her soon and marry her. Rebeca was so excited that she put on her bridal clothes and waited for his return. Unfortunately, Manuel fell victim to a hurricane, never to return to his love. Since then, Rebeca had been spotted roaming the streets at the port of San Blas. Locals have seen her wandering without any direction, sometimes sitting before the lighthouse and listening to seagulls. She always wore a white dress, with a veil covering her head.


YouTube video caption

Once, Rebeca was selling candy at Puerto Vallarta, dressed like a bride, when she was spotted by Fher Maná, the lead singer of Maná. He got her talking and that’s how the song came to be. I looked it up on YouTube – it is every bit as haunting as its protagonist’s life story.

Another version of Rebeca’s story says that after a few years, she became romantically involved with a local merchant called Laos. He was kind to her and fondly called her ‘Smoke Girl’ because of her grey-tinged hair. It appears that Rebeca and Laos lived together for a while, and between jokes, he promised to marry her. Once again, Rebeca took this promise seriously. She waited for Laos at the Church of San Blas in her wedding attire. He never came.

Rebeca Méndez Jiménez

Rebeca died on September 18th, 2012. Her ashes were scattered on the beaches of San Blas, according to her wishes. Some people believe she has been reunited with her love in eternity. Rebeca is remembered by locals as a symbol of waiting for love.


Source: El Sol de Nayarit, La Nacion