This Elite English College Trains the World’s Most Expensive Nannies

For over 120 years England’s Norland College has been known as the most prestigious nanny-training school in the world, with graduates landing jobs with wealthy families and earning upwards of $100,000 per year.

Founded in the late 1800s by Emily Ward, who realized that there was no official childcare training at the time, Norland College soon became the most renowned nanny-training school on Earth, with clients including Royal families and wealthy couples looking for the best service money could by. And indeed, Norland-trained nannies are nothing if not expensive, with some graduates earning as much as $170,000 per year, and even students raking in around 40,000 working during their elite training. That’s more than four times the average salary of a nanny in UK, but somewhat justified by the unique curriculum taught at Norland.

Photo: Norland College/Facebook

Elite nannies are expected to cook, sew impeccably, as well as look after their charges, but that’s only a tiny fraction of the subjects in which Norland nannies train in over their four-year stay at the college. From learning how to efficiently manage temper tantrums and utilizing crisis evasion tactics, to self-defense training and skid pan driving, and even cybersecurity, Norland nannies really are a cut above the rest.


In a recent report by Business Insider, Norland nannies were described as a mix between Marry Poppins and James Bond, as exaggerated as that sounds, it’s a fairly accurate description. Apart from impeccable manners and child handling skills, these elite nannies train to be able to deal with the most unexpected of situations.


Studying at Norland College isn’t for anyone. Four years of training is a lot, not to mention that each year costs $20,000, which is reportedly more expensive than studying at Oxford or Cambridge universities. However, the prospect of getting a high-paying job after graduation and generating decent income (around $40,000) from the 1st or 2nd year of college attracts a lot candidates.


Money isn’t the only thing required to get into Norland College. There are always more applicants than available places, so candidates have to go through one-on-one interviews where several qualities – loving, kind, honest, creative, responsible and organized – are tested for. Previous childcare experience is also very important so volunteering in a kindergarten class or babysitting are good places to start.


Despite being the most expensive nannies in the world by a large margin, the demand for Norland nannies vastly outstrips supply. So much so that the college has at least six jobs waiting for every one of its graduates. While most nannies end up working for wealthy families in London, demand comes from outside England as well, particularly from China, the U.S., and the Middle-East.