Thrift Shop Warns Potential Buyers of Old Furniture About Haunting Activity Reported by Previous Owners

A North Carolina thrift shop recently sold a $1,000 hand-carved furniture set that came with a warning of haunting activity reported by its previous owners.

We’ve all heard stories about allegedly haunted furniture or memorabilia before, but it’s not everyday that we see these claims made on the price tags of stores selling them. However, the staff at Habitat for Humanity, a thrift shop in Salisbury, North Carolina, felt that the haunting activity reported by the previous owners of a queen canopy bed-frame and highboy chest of drawers was something they needed to disclose to potential buyers. Believe it or not, the eerie paranormal activity warning did nothing to dissuade people, if anything, it got more of them interested in the set.

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“Actually a lot of people are interested because it’s haunted supposedly,” Elizabeth Brady, Store Operations Director  at Habitat for Humanity, told FOX46. “Our donations manager asked about these pieces and he was told ‘you don’t want those, they’re haunted, and he said ‘well, now I definitely want them!'”

According to Brady, the previous owners of the furniture set had bought it years ago, but started experiencing creepy nightmares the moment they brought it int their home. Also, the couple’s dogs wouldn’t stop barking at the queen canopy bed and chest of drawers, so they took it out of their bedroom after a week. They recently decided to part with the furniture set, but made sure to warn others about the potential haunting.

“From the time they brought it in, they had continuous nightmares, the dogs wouldn’t quit barking and finally, on the seventh night in there, he had a lot of trouble waking his wife up from sleep,” Elizabeth Brady said. “We are a Christian ministry, we don’t say we believe in ghosts or don’t, but I have trouble selling this to someone not disclosing that. I would want to know as a customer.”

You would think the creepy warning and the eerie accounts of the former owners would put off potential buyers of the furniture set, but that would be wrong. A local couple was glad to pay the $1,000 price to have the 1950s furniture in their home, adding that they don’t really care if it’s haunted.


“Yeah, I don’t really care they think it’s haunted,” the new owner said. “We actually live really close to Gravity Hill which they say is haunted here in Rowan County. Maybe it will be a nice ghost.”

The allegedly haunted furniture set made headlines last week after photos of the warning on the Habitat for Humanity price tags went viral on Facebook.


Interestingly, the previous owners of the furniture set said they called the person they had bought it from to ask more details about it, but after recounting their experience with it, the person just hung up.

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