Turkey’s Bushy Trend: Mustache Implants

Turkey’s delicious baklava and its crowded Grand Bazaar have always attracted tourists, but now there’s a new reason why men are flocking to the transcontinental country – bushier mustaches and beards. No, it’s not something in the air that makes your face hairier, but there are clinics specialized in this matter, so gentlemen, if you want a manlier look, Turkey is the place to go.

The mustache has had an important role in society since time immemorial and although some cultures have abandoned it as a fashion icon, others have kept it and made a tradition out of wearing it. Today, the mustache is pretty popular especially in the Middle East and parts of Asia: when it comes to politics, the mustache is among the elements that capture the differences between the Western world, where being clean shaved is considered a sign of stability and maturity, and the Eastern world, where the mustache is a mark of traditionalism.  All in all, politics or not, the mustache is a sign of pure masculinity and a fashion statement. Hipsters know what I mean. Getting the mustache you’ve always dreamed of is possible through a simple medical procedure called follicle-hair extraction. In medical terms, the procedure implies removing hair from hairier areas and implanting it into the mustache or beard area. In laymen terms, the follicle-hair extraction means recycling your own hair. I’m just wondering, what would be the most suitable area of the body to provide the hair for the implant?


Photo: Sabah

Men go to these unique cliics with a photo of the desired mustache just like women go to the hair parlor with a photo of their favorite hair style. Of course, some requests are simply bad choices, taking into consideration the patient’s facial traits. Sorry guys, Hercule Poirot’s mustache may not be as flattering as you think, but luckily the physician will be there to guide you and offer professional advice. Speaking of which, watch out for fake clinics! With the boom of this industry, many fake physicians claim they can successfully perform this operation, but often times something goes terribly wrong and the patients are forced to petition the Health Ministry.


There was a time when there was a stereotype regarding Turkish men and mustaches, and that’s probably the reason why this country hosts this industry. However, fewer and fewer Turkish men wear a mustache these days, although it it appears to be making a strong comeback. And it seems there are men flying to Turkey from all over the world just to get a bushier mustache in their quest for a manlier look. And to think some men would kill for a way to get rid of their bushy facial hair forever.

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