Unusual Number of Bald, Beardless Men Going into Barbershop Leads to Drug Bust

Italian police recently arrested a Genoa barber for drug dealing after noticing that many of the clients going into his shop were bald and beardless.

The Carabinieri (Italian police) had received reports of drug dealing activity in Genoa’s Foce area, but they didn’t really have any strong leads. An investigative unit was charged with gathering more information and, with the collaboration of the Forte San Giuliano station, setting up surveillance teams to spot any unusual activity. It was one of these teams that reported an unusually high number of bald, beardless men visiting a small barber shop operated by a 55-year-old man. The individuals were of different ages and appeared to be from varied walks of life, but they had one thing in common – they didn’t appear to need a haircut or a shave…

Photo: Hair Spies/Unsplash

A quick investigation revealed that most of the barbershop’s clients only came by to get drugs, even though some did indeed get a trim with their more risqué purchase. First, the Carabinieri raided the 55-year-old’s house where several grams of hashish were found, and then his barbershop, where, hidden in a mezzanine, 100 grams of cocaine, four precision scales, and materials for drug packaging were found.

The drug-dealing barber has been taken to Marassi prison where he is awaiting sentencing.

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