Welcome to PigVille, China’s First Village for Pigs

In an attempt to make their pigs more comfortable, the people of Zhangpu Village, in China, have built a residential complex for them, made up of 600 small concrete houses.

Most pigs spend all their lives locked up in pens, just waiting to be slaughtered, but the lucky swine of Zhangpu are living the good life in their very own village. At first, the idea of moving the animals from their industrial complex didn’t appeal to the locals, primarily because of the $1,230 price tag of each needed villa, but critics were put to rest once everyone noticed how happy the pigs were and how fast they started growing. The pig’s happiness was actually the main goal of PigVille (not its official name), as it is believed relaxed animals have a more delicious meat.

According to Chinese media reports, the locals of Zhangpu Village did everything in their power to make the pigs feel welcome in their new luxury homes. “A good environment will leave pigs in a good mood and keep them healthy, so it’s therefore logical that the pork will be better,” Suining County official Hu Juchun told China News. So they equipped every villa with toys and furniture for the pigs to play with, as well as CCTV cameras so they can be monitored at all times. The pigs leave their color-painted houses at 8 am every day, and are allowed to play with the other pigs, in the nearby woods until 5 pm, when they return to their comfortable residences.

After seeing photos of the pig village locals call the Pig Garden, Chinese Internet users concluded that these pigs live much better lives that some human citizens.

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