Woman Hits Venezuelan President on the Head with a Mango, Gets Rewarded with New Home

While the rest of the world relies on petitions to get in touch with elected officials, it seems that things are done differently in Venezuela. A woman recently got quick results on a housing issue after she got the president’s attention by hitting him on the head with a mango!

The incident occurred last week, in the state of Aragua. President Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver, was driving a bus through a crowd when, out of nowhere, a ripe mango hurtled towards him, aimed straight at his head. The 52-year-old Venezuelan president managed to duck in time, but his ear took the blow. He then casually picked up the mango and displayed it to the crowd.

Upon closer inspection, the mango revealed a message, “If you can, call me,” along with a name and phone number. It turns out that the mango was thrown by a local woman named Marleny Olivo, who had been facing housing problems for a long time. Tired of filing endless petitions with the government, she decided to adopt a more ‘direct’ approach.


Believe it or not, Olivo’s unorthodox technique worked! President Maduro later discussed the incident during a live broadcast on live TV. He displayed the infamous mango, and said: “She had a housing problem right? And, Marleny, I have approved it already, as part of the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, you will get an apartment and it will be given to you in the next few hours.”

“Tomorrow, no later than the day after tomorrow, we will give it to you,” he assured. It seems that the president likes to connect with ordinary folk by touring local communities while driving a bus. He added that the fruit was ripe, and that he would eat it later.


Contacted by the media, Olivo said that she had no ‘evil intent’ when she threw the mango. She was only trying to fulfil her dream of owning a home before she dies.

Meanwhile, video footage of the mango throwing incident has gone viral in Venezuela. Several news agencies have covered the story, and it is being discussed on Twitter and Facebook as well. “If for a mango they give you apartments, then you know what to do: throw him a pineapple!” a popular Venezuelan website joked.


“A mango shortage is coming, let’s line up and throw them at Maduro and get a new house!” one person tweeted.

Sources: Reuters, BBC

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