Woman Miraculously Survives After Spending 90 Minutes in the Grip of a Crocodile

An Indonesian woman is lucky to be enough after surviving a crocodile attack for 90 minutes before finally being rescued and taken to a hospital.

On July 27, Falmira De Jesus, a 38-year-old palm oil plantation from Indonesia’s West Kalimantan Province, was collecting water from a shallow, greenery-covered stream in Ketapang Regency when she was suddenly attacked by a crocodile lying in wait. As the woman approached the body of water, the giant reptile leaped up from the foliage, grabbed her leg, and dragged her into the water. Somehow, Falmira managed to cry for help and fight the crocodile long enough for her plantation co-workers to arrive and help her. Viral footage shows the brave woman with only her head above water as she literally tries to hang on for her life to wooden poles extended in the water by her co-workers, while others prod the water with sticks to discourage the crocodile.


Photo: Thomas Couillard/Unsplash

“I was in pain from where the crocodile was holding me. I couldn’t break free,” Falmira recalled. “Then I started to feel like I was becoming weaker. I just thought I was going to die, because I was falling below the water.”

Eyewitnesses said that the crocodile gripped Falmira for 90 minutes and repeatedly tried to pull her down into the water. Luckily for her, the water wasn’t deep enough, and, over time, more people arrived to help. Eventually, the reptile decided to let go of its prey and retreat. The bravest of her co-workers ventured into the water to get her out, and she was rushed to the nearest hospital.

“I lie in the hospital and can still see the crocodile in my mind, and feel it on my body,” the 38-year-old survivor said. “I am very grateful for people that helped me to escape. They saved my life.”

Doctors told Indonesian reporters that the mother-of-two suffered deep puncture wounds on her right arm, thigh, and lower leg, but is scheduled to make a full recovery, which many consider nothing short of a miracle.


Local police praised both Falmira for bravely fighting the crocodile for over 90 minutes, as well as the people who helped her through the ordeal, but also warned workers and residents around the plantation to be more vigilant when approaching bodies of water. After all, Indonesia is home to 14 different species of crocodile.

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