Smart Car Is World’s Smallest Food Truck

We’re all used to purchasing fast food from trailers, trucks, vans and even push-carts. But from a tiny Smart car? Now that’s something new.

This innovative concept comes to Austin, Texas all the way from Germany. Two German youths who arrived in Dallas a few years ago as exchange students, have brought with them something unique from their homeland. Michael Heyne and Dominek Stein sell the Doener Kebap from a Smart car.

The dish is actually kind of similar to the Greek gyro sandwich. The German version, Doener Kebap consists of large shavings of chicken or beef. These slices are cooked on a vertical rotisserie grill and are served with a variety of vegetables and sauces, all bundled up in a piece of pocket bread. The origins of the dish lie in Turkey and it was brought over to Germany sometime in the 1970s. But the dish is only a part of the attraction. What brings people in, is the innovative manner in which it is sold.

Heyne and Stein had the interiors of the smart car specially designed by a German company, Frenzel. Several modifications have been made inside the car. For instance, the passenger seat has been removed completely and replaced with a power system, powered by a couple of truck batteries. This is the main power source for both a refrigerator and a food warmer at the back of the vehicle.

Food from this interesting vehicle is sold on the go. Simply lift the hatch, slide out the food container assembly, attach four legs to a table top, install a canopy, and they are ready to take orders. They drive around various parts of the city, selling up to 50 sandwiches from the car in about two hours. The main idea behind this concept is to take food to people. The advantage of the smart car is that it can go places where other, larger vehicles cannot.


For now, the idea is working out great for Heyne and Stein and they’re enjoying every minute of it.

Photo via Verts on Facebook

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