World’s Deadliest Card Player Slices Fruits an Vegetables with Plastic Playing Cards

Ye Tongxin, a 48-year old man from Nanjing, China, has a very unique talent. He can slice various fruits and vegetables by throwing plastic cards at them from meters away. I guess you can say he’s a real life fruit ninja.

You probably thought Oddjob was cool for slicing stuff with his hat, but Ye Tongxin’s skill is much more impressive – he’s able to slice fruit and veggies with common plastic playing cards. We’ve all tried doing at some point, but it’s a much harder trick to pull off than most people think. Mr. Ye has been practicing his ability for the last ten years, and although he spends two hours every day throwing cards at hanging plastic bags shaped as cucumbers, he says training to become the world’s best fruit slicer is much more complex. Apart from just throwing cards, he also runs between 8 and 10 laps up high ground, in order to improve his strength, because unlike other card throwing ninjas he needs to cut through tougher fruits like watermelons and apples, instead of just soft cucumbers.

According to Ye Tongxin himself, the cards he throws travel 50 meters in a half second, so that means his plastic projectiles fly out of his hand at 360km/h, about as fast as a high-speed train. No wonder they pierce even the hard shell of a watermelon and hard green apples. Ye’s best slicing performance so far has been 12 cucumbers in 47 seconds, but he plans on setting a new Guinness record, which means he’ll have to go through 19 cucumbers in under a minute.


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