World’s First Park and Pray Chapel to Open in Austria

With the launch of the new Park and Pray Worldwide Chapel Network, it is now possible for you to pray anywhere in the world, by simply stopping your car wherever you see  the Park+Pray sign.

The new concept is revolutionary in terms of making places of prayer available to all Christians, regardless of their confession. At places where the Park+Pray sign is displayed, one can find a chapel or church, a devotion or prayer room that all believers are welcome to make use of. Prayers will be provided with anonymity and privacy so you can comfortably make contact with God. The first chapel of the Park and Pray Network will open its doors to the public in August this year.

Located in Rassach, Austria, The Marxen Chapel is the first to embrace the new system of prayer. The Mayor of Rassach is quite excited about the project and expects over 1,000 visitors to come to the chapel in the next year. “It is an idea that was born in Rassach and will go all over the world. An idea, a vision and I am convinced that it will work,” he said. The Marxen Chapel has been around since the 19th century and in recent times has been badly in need of renovation. It was then decided that the Chapel should be the pioneer of the Park and Pray scheme. Initially funded through sponsorship and volunteer work, the mayor is now seeking donations for the restoration of the chapel.

The title of “Park and Pray” is available for 18 Euros a year, to anyone responsible for a place of worship located on a road or highway. Membership can be attained from the official website of the project. According to the site, all Park and Pray places of worship will maintain the same standards. For instance, books for intercession are made available at all prayer rooms, where visitors can write about their pleas, wishes and thanks. What’s beautiful about this concept is that the carriers of the prayer rooms obligate themselves to pray for all the requests made in the intercession books.

via Austrian Times

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