World’s Strongest Groin Guard Can Literally Stop a Bullet

American entrepreneur Jeremiah Raber recently risked his ‘assets’ in a bid to prove the efficiency of his bullet proof groin protector. He put on the product, called Nutshellz, and volunteered to get shot at with a rifle! Lucky for him, the protector worked as intended and his family jewels came away unscathed.

Raber, CEO of Armored Nutshellz, performed the stunt in collaboration with his friend Matt Heck (the guy with the rifle), and recorded it to raise publicity for his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The footage shows the 38-year-old placing the cup underneath his jeans and standing next to a tree while Heck takes aim. “We take product testing very seriously,” he later says on camera. “Don’t try this at home.” He then pulls down his jeans, and Heck pulls the trigger. Shockingly, Raber walked away from the life-threatening experiment unhurt, proving that his company does make the ‘strongest jockstrap in the world’. The video has been viewed over 90,000 times so far.


Raber later revealed that the protector was originally intended for mixed martial arts fighters. When he first began to work on it six years ago, he wanted to help them better absorb blows to the testicles, so he built a shell made of Kevlar laminated with a ‘ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene’ called Dyneema, which makes it able to withstand extreme punishment while offering a high degree of comfort for the wearer.


Nutshellz has been getting moderate attention both from the sports world, but also from police and the military. Unfortunately, for Raber, he’s having trouble getting production off the ground, as he still has to make them himself on a machine press in his basement. “If I got thousands of orders I would be screwed,” he told the Riverfront Times,  adding that he needs about $500,000 to build up production of Nutshellz. His bizarre gunshot-to-the-groin experiment was meant to draw in investors, but if that fails, he plans to  go on Shark Tank, and pitch his invention to the panel of judges, which includes Dallas Mavericks owner, Marc Cuban.

Until then, Raber hopes to raise over $30,000 through his Kickstarter campaign, just to keep Nutshellz afloat. He claims to have already spent $200,000 creating the world’s strongest groin guard.

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