World’s Unluckiest Bachelor Has Been on 250 Blind Dates, Is Still Single

He’s rich, single and most importantly, he’s not cheap, but despite all these qualities, 47-year-old Larry Greenfield can’t seem to find a suitable life partner. In the last 12 years he has spent around $65,000 on matchmaking services, has been on 250 blind dates, but he has yet to find a wife.

Larry sounds like a really unlucky guy, but according to the New York Post and Yahoo Shine, he’s apparently just really picky. “His problem is he’s a six and he wanted tens,” Maureen Tara Nelson, one of his former matchmakers told Shine. He would pick out his dates according to their photos and profiles, but at the end he’d always say there was no chemistry. The Post also paints out the retired Wall Street trader as very detail-oriented: he wants a woman who is slim, Jewish, funny, and a non-alpha (isn’t interested in a career). That’s apparently a very rare breed in New York. “He thinks because he’s wealthy he could get a beautiful women, but what he doesn’t realize is that beautiful women in New York are also already successful,” Nelson said.

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But Larry Greenfield says his love slump is actually the matchmakers’ fault. “You pay them up front and they don’t provide a service. They tell you how wonderful you are, whatever you want to hear,” the millionaire says. “High-priced matchmakers prey on people’s fear of rejection and often make a lot of false promises”, Nancy Slotkin believes, adding that they get blinded by fat checks instead of turning down overly-picky clients who will never be satisfied with what they consider a purchase.

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In his first interview with the New York Post, Larry sounded like a man who was honestly looking for love. “I’d trade it all in for a white picket fence, two kids, a dog. And you can have it all! I’d take a $50,000-a-year job, work until I retire,” the ex-securities trader said. “I’m not a bad guy. I haven’t been to prison. It’s just a very frustrating thing.” He admits he focused on his job in his early years, thinking he’d first get the career and then the girl. But it just didn’t work out the way he planned it. But, after some of the six matchmakers he used in the last few years started spilling the beans, Larry came out as a guy looking for perfection. “He would always come back with some minor, minor thing that the person wasn’t perfect,” Maureen Tara Nelson remembers, which made he drop him as a client after a year.

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But Larry has one more chance – Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking. “Men are picky. It’s in their DNA. They want the four B’s — beauty, brains, body and balance,” Spindel said, adding Greenfield is no different. “Larry wants a normal girl who’s in her thirties who wants to be his wife, who will be a sweet and loving wife and mom. …. I told him I will not take money from him until I have her.” Who knows, maybe the 251st time is a charm…

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