You Can Now Buy a $9,700 Solid Gold Comb

A Slovakian luxury comb company is giving the phrase “luxurious hair” a whole new meaning with a limited edition solid gold comb priced at a whopping $9,700. Yes, you read that correctly!

If you’re the kind of person who only visits the best salons, uses only top quality shampoos and ultimately wants only the best for their hair, than you might be interested in this solid gold comb made by Tomas Veres.  The Slovakian company was built “on the passion to create extraordinary and exclusive objects for extraordinary people, who appreciate the finest things in life.” That basically means that they make outrageously expensive combs that most people can’t afford.

The Tomas Veres Pantheon comb collection features minimalist 130mm by 35mm combs made of various materials. Prices start at €1,100 ($1,180) for sterling silver and rhodium plated combs, and suddenly jump all the way to €9000 ($9,700) for the yellow and pink gold versions. The combs are hand-made in Italy by experienced jewelers, and come in ostrich leather pouches, also made in Italy.

The 14K solid gold Pantheon combs are produced in a limited collection of only 800 individually numbered units. The combs are available online, on the Tomas Veres e-shop, and can be customized with an engraved set of initials or a message. It’s not clear if the engraving costs extra, but if you’re going to pay $9,700 for a small comb, I don’t think you really care.

‘Why does such a thing even exist?’ you ask? I couldn’t tell you…