Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

Following our Whole Chicken in a Can post, we searched I Hate My Message Board blog for more weird “delicacies” and came across what the Consumerist called “the worst food product ever may have been found”.

If you thought the giant canned chicken looked disgusting, the pork brains in milk gravy will have you puking your guts out. According to Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, this food product is very common in American grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean it tastes or smells good. Apparently, the pork brains in milk gravy smell like ground up vienna sausages mixed with cheap, smelly dog-food. For me, that’s enough of a warning to never, ever try this stuff.

If any of you had the guts to eat pork brains in milk gravy, let us know if you liked it.






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2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship

The Germans have done it again. I really thought they were a really serious people, focused only on their work, but it turns out they know how to have fun as well.

After they organized the Ice Swimming Festival in Neuburg, early this year, the Germans strike again with the 2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship. The rather unusual racing competition was held on April 25, in Bad Koening Zell, in western Germany. Competitors raced on a 200-meter-long course, in basic or modded office-chairs.

The Office-Chair Racing Championship was first held in 2008, but it’s already growing in popularity and, who knows, it could become an Olympic sport pretty soon.








Photos by Reuters

The Train-Bar of Brno

Who new toy-trains could be so useful.

These photos were taken in a bar somewhere in Brno, the Czech Republic. It might look like a nice decorative addition, but that train has a very specific purpose. Its rail passes through the bar, stops at customer tables, taking their orders. Then it goes back to the bartender, who sends the drinks in the train carts.

It’s a very ingenious system that spares the customers the trouble of having to tip the waitress. I wonder how quick it is though, do the customers have to wait a long time for the toy-train to bring them their drinks?










Drinking Some Strange Fluids

Would you drink your blood and urine? You sure would if they tasted like sour candy.

Imagine the looks on your friends faces as you throw, what looks like urine, down your throat, directly from a urine sample container, or blood from a blood vial. Well, believe it or not, you can pull a prank like this, by using the Sour Candy Body Fluids, from Think Geek. The “urine” tastes like concentrated lemonade, only very sour, and the”blood” is actually sour cherry syrup.

Have fun, tricking your grossed-out friends.

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The Amazing Apache Pistol

Amazing mostly through its original look, because in terms of effectiveness, Apache was more of a toy-gun.

Popular as a self-defense weapon, at the end of the 19th century, the Apache was a small weapon, measuring only 4 cm across, when folded. The blade, if we can even call it that, was only a little over 3 cm long, and very thin. If you were to stab someone with that thing, you would get yourself in even more trouble as that would only piss him off.

In terms of firepower, the Apache isn’t much stronger than it is in close quarter combat, the short nozzle and the fact that the hammer doesn’t hit the back of the cartridge, like it does in modern weapons, made it pretty week.

The knuckle-duster-like handle had such tiny finger holes that only the skinniest could fit in, so it’s no surprise the Apache didn’t make a big impact as a weapon. It did have in interesting design though, so it became a collectible. Most of the ones left today are plated with gold and sell for no less than $4,000





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Buldozer Computer

Just like the bottle computer and the organic pc, the bulldozer computer is an amazing example of craftsmanship and ingenuity.

The bulldozer computer uses a toy bulldozer as the case, and has a custom made mouse that fits perfectly.  It’s incredible how they got an entire working computer inside that little toy. All I can say is BRAVO!












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Mobile Office SUV

With the current economical recession, renting comfortable office space can be really set you back, but the guys at Limousines World have come up with a solution.

If you happen to own a big enough car, like Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Lincoln Navigator, Infinity QX56, the guys Limousines World can set up you up with a fully equipped office. The standard package comes with comfortable leather seats, flexible office, internet connection, LCD screens, fridge and a whole bunch of other gadgets to make doing-business easier.

Most of us can only dream of having such a mobile office in the back of our cars, but for those who can afford such luxury, this is a great thing to have.




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Whole Chicken in a Can

Canned food is definitely one of my favorites, I try to keep as far away from it as I possibly can. I do try some canned tuna every once in a while, but one thing I would never eat out of a can is a Whole chicken.

That’s right folks, people actually can entire chickens. Now, the can says it’s fully cooked but that thing looks anything but cooked. Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, actually tried this canned delicacy and, “surprisingly”, she wasn’t very pleased with it.

The photos taken by Tracy, during her gourmet experience, speak for themselves. Have a look:

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Big Surprise Under the Hood

The owner of this car hadn’t driven it in two weeks. One day he walked passed it and sensed a foul odor coming from somewhere in the car. he got even closer and heard a weird sound under the hood. Curious, he ppopped the bonnet and surprise surprise. Find out what the guy found by checking the photos below:





Ajay Kumar – The World’s Shortest Actor

Ajay Kumar, one of Bollywood‘s most popular comedy actors, has officially been acknowledged as the world’s shortest actor, by the Guinness Book of Records. He is only 75 cm tall.

At the young age of 32, Kumar, better known by his stage name, Unda Pakru, has starred in 50 movies, in his 13 years movie career. “Thanks” to his disability he has had much more success in Bollywood, than normal actors, and is now one of the most popular men in India.

Ajay was one of the most eligible bachelors in his home-town of Kerala, and he married Gayatri, in 2005. It was a fixed marriage, but apparently it was a match made in heaven. The actor’s five-months-old daughter is proof of that.




Smallest actor

photos by Niklas Halle’n/ Barcroft Media

Bette Calman – The Yoga Super-Granny

83-years-old Bette Calman is living proof that the ancient art of yoga can do wonders on the human body.

Bette Calman has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 40 years and, although other people her age can hardly move anymore, she can pool of difficult yoga moves that put teenagers to shame. She can execute the “peacock” a difficult position in which the body is held horizontally, using only the power of the arms,  the “bridge”, “lotus” and can stand on her head with unnatural ease.

Asked when she is going to retire, Calman said

‘You’re never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument.

‘It can stretch and stretch, and get better all the time. Forget age’

Ms Bette Calman teaches up to 11 classes every week, in Williamstown, Australia, teaching others the remarkable effects of yoga.





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photos by Barcroft Media

Surprise Guest

Imagine you were coming home at the end of hard day at work, only to find a stranger in your house. Not only that, but as you approach the door, he pops out and scares the living sh*t out of you. Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Well now you know how this little bird must have felt.





The Trash House And Garden

I know the title sounds ugly, but this particular trash decorated home is quite beautiful.

Bogdan Litniansky left the Ukraine for France during the 1930s. Like many other immigrants, he was homeless when he arrived there, so he bought a derelict house in Picardy and restored it using all kinds of junk.

When he retired, at the age of 62, he continued to decorate his home using derelict objects, like bottles, mirrors, old toys, broken TV-sets, and turned his garden into a beautiful labyrinth. Check out his life-long masterpiece:










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Most Disgusting Sandwich Ever

I’m one of those people who would eat anything when hungry, but I’d rather starve than eating that thing.




Cruel Donkey Fight in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is better known for dog fighting, but the new generation is trying to make a change…for the worst, by introducing donkey fighting.

Dog fighting had been forbidden as a sport by the Taliban, but since the American invasion and the fall of the old regime, the cruel sport has returned, drawing huge crowds,l near the capital of Kabul. Unfortunately, the younger generations apparently have no intention of wising-up, instead they’re introducing a new blood-sport, donkey fighting.

These photos, taken near a German armed forces encampment, in Kunduz, show a young boy pitting to poor donkeys into fighting each other, while the other children watch the violence display smiling.  Just like other people watch ouzel fights or horse fights. Read More »