Human Meat Shop Opens in London to Promote Video Game Launch

A creepy meat shop recently opened in London’s famous Smithfield meat market, offering all kinds of stomach-turning treats, like human hands, ears and even full torsos. Luckily, it was just a publicity stunt for the launch of Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 video game.

It looked like a scene from a sick horror film – human limbs packaged and put on display, human ribs hanging from meat hooks and full bodies placed on stainless steel morgue tables. Human hands were on sale for £5.99 while the feet were a bit pricier at £6.00, but that didn’t stop Resident Evil fans and zombie enthusiasts from indulging in what might be perceived as gross cannibalism. In fact, all the meat products on display at the Wesker & Son pop-up meat shop were made from animal meats, but made to look like authentic human parts. It was only open for two days, to promote the latest video game in the Resident Evil series, but it still managed to get a lot of attention.

Capcom contacted creative director Miss Cakehead to design something unique for the launch of their new game, and she came up with this offbeat human butcher shop. Despite not being a big fan of meat, she rose up to the occasion and put together some of the most realistic-looking edible human parts I’ve ever seen. According to Twitter, her creepy meats flew off the shelves during the two days the shop was open. All the proceeds from the event were donated to the Limbless Association, which provides support and information to the limb-loss society.

This reminds me of the weird Thai bakery that makes bread shaped like human body parts.





Resident Evil’s shocking game launch by reuters

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