Thai Baker Makes Bread Shaped as Human Body Parts

Kittiwat Unarrom, a talented artist from Thailand, uses his skills to create unique loafs of bread shaped like various human body parts.

Kittiwat has experimented with many art forms, from painting to sculpting, but it wasn’t until he had to return home and take over the family bakery that he discovered his true passion – making grotesque-looking bread. Since he first started out, in 2006, he has made a name for himself, and his Body Bakery has become a popular tourist attraction.

The gruesome bread Kittiwat Unarrom makes is incredibly realistic looking, but to achieve this level the artist spent many hours studying human anatomy and visiting forensic museums. At the same time, he found it important to make his bread delicious as well, because he didn’t want his art to be just an object of art, he wanted audiences to feel involved. His first batch was pretty good, but it wasn’t delicious, so he kept improving the recipe until he got the taste just right.

When he first started working at his family’s bakery, he was convinced he wasn’t going to get to practice his art anymore, but as soon as he discovered dough, he realized the possibilities are endless. Every day he works with the dough he gets new ideas about new edible art projects, and he believes art shouldn’t be limited to art galleries and museums.

Above photos via Shape and Color

His body-part bread looks just like the real thing, but he admits it’s pretty strange eating someone’s head, piece by piece, and looking in their eyes at the same time. In case you were thinking of going to Thailand for a piece of human-looking bread, forget about it, Kittiwat’s bakery is only selling normal bread, at least for the moment.



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