Barbie Got Old

Barbie dolls may be forever young, but the real-life Barbie ages just like every one of us.

The woman you see in the photos is Angelyne, a local pseudo-celebrity in Los Angeles and Hollywood, who compares herself to the famous Barbie. She started gaining notoriety when a series of billboards featuring her started popping up around Los Angeles, in the early 80s. She made an appearence on television, during that time, on an Alan Thicke show, but since then her bilboards got more coverage than she has.

Angelyne drives a pink Corvette with the shortened “ANGLYNE” license plates and has a pink maltese named Buddha. Though it was believed a wealthy husband pays for all the Angelyne billboards around LA, Angelyne, who is single, credits “investors: for financing her advertising.

Angelyne once had a billboard that said “Barbie wishes she were me”. I bet it’s the other way around now.






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