Blogger Gains Internet Following by Smashing Her Face into Bread Products

An anonymous blogger from Brooklyn has become an internet sensation for fearlessly documenting her bizarre fixation with bread. This woman films herself as she plunges her face into different types of bread, and posts the footage on her Instagram page, ‘Bread Face Blog’. The tagline reads: “Bread Face – giving the people something they didn’t ask for.”

Bread Face hasn’t revealed her name, but we do know that she’s 27 years old and works as a copywriter by day. With over 40,000 Instagram followers and thousands of likes on each video, her bizarre bread smashing habit has managed to catch the attention of various magazines like Buzzfeed, Vice’s Munchies, and The New York Times. Obviously, they’ve all had one common question to ask her: Why is she doing this?


Photo: Bread Face Blog

Speaking to Munchies, Bread Face said: “It started over the summer. I bought a green tea roll cake from a Korean bakery and I started off gently powdering my face with it. It felt so good.” So she just kept going with other types of bread until it eventually became her thing. “I like the way it feels!” she told Buzzfeed. “And thought maybe it would make someone happy out there.”

Turns out, Bread Face was right – her first video involving a potato roll, posted six months ago, became a big hit. And since then, her string of completely random, utterly pointless bread videos set to carefully curated background scores have caught the attention of thousands. In fact, #breadfacing is a major trend now, one that has inspired several other people to smash their own faces into bread loaves and post the footage online.


Photo: Bread Face Blog

Despite her massive following, many of Bread Face’s fans are disappointed when they get to know that she started the practice on a whim, and that it isn’t a performance art or fetish she derives pleasure from. “I think this always disappoints people but there was actually very little thought that went into this,” she told Munchies. “I wanted to put my face in bread, and so I did.”

“Breadfaceblog is what it is,” she added. “If it’s something people laugh at, roll their eyes at, or get turned on by – that’s all great.” So although her videos receive bizarre reactions, it doesn’t really bother her at all. “People say very blunt, honest  things to me about their sexuality that they’d probably never be able to say in real life and I think that’s awesome. People have even asked to buy the smooshed bread afterwards which is so amazing.”


Photo: Bread Face Blog

“If I’m filling a once-empty slot for someone sexually — then that’s awesome,” she told NY Times. “I get it. I don’t think it’s weird — food is tactile and sexy, and we can’t help what turns us on, just don’t overindulge yourself. The other part of me wonders if anyone would even bring that up if I weren’t an Asian girl. I mean … I don’t wonder that much, I know the answer.”

Bread Face never really has a plan when it comes to plunging face-first into bread – she picks the breads at random, based on what she has at hand, or is about to eat anyway. Her favorite ones so far have been the Kaiser roll and the Wonder Bread. The background music is pretty random too – she just uses the songs that she’s currently listening to or the ones she never gets tired of listening to. “I don’t pair the breads with the songs, but I will say that the songs do affect how I “face” the bread,” she said. “Proof: the naan Breadfaceblog.”


Although she’s enjoying putting her face in bread for now, her weird hobby has had some adverse effects. The breads, especially seeded ones, irritate her skin a lot, and she’s had to come up with a special skincare routine. But that’s okay with her, because she loves the look of real skin – “oils, irritated pores, discoloration, bumps, zits” – she calls it “fascinatingly gross.”

But she does draw the line at breads, and will not consider putting her face into any other kind of food. “I’ve never had the urge like I have with bread-like foods,” she said. “Layered cakes would be fun. I’d love to feel it give underneath my face and then just push all the way through!”

For now, Bread Face says she’s just really happy and overwhelmed with all the positive response. “I’m so happy and flattered,” she said. “I am here reading all of your emails, comments, and DMs, so say whatever you want.” She also plans on launching a “super high-tech and interactive” website soon.

Sources: Buzzfeed, VICE Munchies, NY Times

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