Chinese Teacher Can Draw Amazingly-Accurate World Map on Blackboard from Memory

Currently trending on Chinese social media is this uber-cool history teacher who obviously doesn’t need a map or a textbook to teach his students. The man is so good at his job that he can draw the map of the world freehand on a blackboard, without referring to a real map even once.

The teacher, whose last name is Zhao, became an internet sensation after one of his students uploaded a series of photographs on the Chinese website Sina Weibo. According to the student, who goes by the handle @xuxuxuermao, it barely took Zhao a few minutes to finish drawing the map. The student also revealed that Zhao does this on a regular basis.


“This is a history teacher at our high school, currently teaching my younger brother,” the student wrote. “This blackboard takes at most a minute to draw, probably because he’s been drawing this for half his life.” It sounds impressive, but drawing the whole map in less than a minute sounds like an exaggeration to me.


Other students on Weibo also began to make tall claims about their teachers. One wrote: “This is so normal. Our high school teacher also freehand draws the world map, and has done so for all three years of high school. When having class, the teacher never has to bring the textbook. With an empty desk, the teacher just tells us what page to flip to and what it says.”


That sounds believable, but some of the claims got out of hand. “Teachers are people with such talents,” wrote one student. “My mathematics teacher in high school can draw a square with one hand and a circle with another.”


“My mathematics teacher is good at throwing a piece of chalk (to warn students who are distracted in class). If he was in a war, he absolutely would be a sniper!” said another.


And as a commenter point out rather wisely: “The student who erases this blackboard commits a great sin…”






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