Emergency Zombie Defence Station

I bet Alice from Resident Evil had one of these when she got cornered by a pack of brainless undead.

The Emergency Zombie Defense Station was created by a horror movie fan after seeing a similar one on the internet. He thought he could do an even better job so he started working on it. And the result of his work is most impressive, The Zombie Defense Station comes complete with a standard-size shotgun and ammo, a machete for when you run out of shotgun shells and even a transparent riot-shield. Well actually that’s the lid of the Defense Station package, it comes off and can be used as a shield. The creator says he loved the transparent riot-shields in 28 Days Later so he decided to make one of his own.

So there you have it, the next time you run into a pack of zombies, just make sure you have the Emergency Zombie Defense Station on you, it’s all you’ll ever need. I actually feel sorry for the poor undead…









Source: Crafster

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