Healthy Man Refuses to Leave His Hospital Bed for Three Years

While most people would love not to spend a single day of their lives in a hospital, one 55-year-old man in China refused to leave the hospital for three whole years, despite being healthy! When a Beijing court finally ordered him to leave, he chained himself down to his bed in refusal. The police finally had to intervene; they cut the locks and hauled a struggling man out of the building.

It all started in August 2011, when Mr. Chen was admitted to Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries he had sustained during an accident. He remained in the hospital for a month before going home, only to return a couple of months later complaining of leg pains.


He was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, so doctors treated him for three months before sending him home again. But this time, Mr. Chen flatly refused to go home, saying that his legs ached so much that he just couldn’t straighten them. He said it was the hospital’s responsibility to care for him, so he stayed put, even missing his son’s wedding!

“I have never taken a shower or left the hospital in the past three years. I even missed my son’s wedding,” he said, crying. Mr. Chen was soon unable to pay his medical bills, so the hospital stopped treating him in July 2012.


Tests showed that he was completely healthy, even though he insisted he wasn’t. So the hospital was forced to seek legal aid, and earlier this month they were granted a court order to have him forcibly removed from the bed. Reports suggested that he has finally been taken back to his home in the Mentougou district of Beijing.

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Source: China Daily

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