Impale Your Enemies! Avenging Unicorn and Narwhal

All I can say about these toys is: Too bad you can only find them in America! I’m sure people all over the world would jump at the opportunity to impale a mime, a hippie or a corporate suit without having to pay the consequences. Because that’s what these original toys allow you to do. The Avenging Unicorn and The Avenging Narwhal toys come with interchangeable horns that keep the fun going for hours. With the Narwhal you get the chance to impale a seal, a Koala bear and a penguin, supposedly ancient enemies of the Narwhal (don’t blame me, it says so on the box).

They’ve been spotted in stores across America and I just wish I could get my hands on at least one of them, I have a friend who would love something like ths for his birthday.

Not the kind of gift you’d want to buy for your kids though.

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