Leukemia Sufferer Roasts Himself on Barbecue-Like Contraption to Kill Cancerous Cells

25-year-old Jia Binhui, from Yunlong County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, was diagnosed with blood cancer two years ago. Sadly, he is unable to afford medical treatment, but that hasn’t stopped the resilient young man from trying to get better. In a desperate attempt to rid himself of the cancerous cells plaguing his body, he’s devised an alternate treatment that involves roasting himself in his backyard!

Binhui went through an unsuccessful bone-marrow transplant procedure that cost over $80,000 and was paid for by well-wishers. But, coming from a family of poor farmers, he was unable to afford further hospital treatments.That’s when he heard about the concept of using heat to fight cancer.


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“They say experts believe a temperature higher than 42 degrees Celsius can kill cancer cells, so I set up a contraption in my backyard to try,” he wrote on his Weibo page. The human barbecue he built consists of a couple of logs propped up by bricks over a fire made from sawdust, twigs and branches.

Killing Cancer

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He burns the wood for several minutes until only hot coals remain, and then roasts himself for as long as he can tolerate the heat. “I’ve been told that it also works with water,” he added. “But it’s nearly impossible to keep water constantly at 42 degrees, so I’m using this method instead.


Photo: CFP

Binhui, who married his long-term girlfriend Liu Yuan last month, refuses to let the disease defeat him. He said that he intends to continue the unorthodox treatment for a while, before testing to see if his condition has improved.

Source: China Daily

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