Madness in Pamplona

As you probably know, the Saint Fermin Festival held every year in Pamplona, is one of the most popular in all of Spain and even the world. People from all over the globe come here to get chase by enraged bulls let loose on the streets of the city. Tradition says the bulls have to be guided to the bull-fighting ring as soon as they are released from their pens, by young men wearing red scarfs. The course is about 850 meters long, the streets are very narrow and the participants have to run in front of the bulls to lure them and if they’re not fast enough they can get stomped on pretty bad.

People that enter the festivities every year say it’s an incredible feeling, with the adrenalin in their bodies reaching incredible levels, but as you can see in the photos there are some that definitely won’t be going to Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls Festival in the following years.







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