Man Who Got Breast Implants to Win Bet Finally Takes Them Out 20 Years Later

While some men work hard at the gym to get rid of their man boobs, this Canadian man actually paid for breast implants in order to win a $100,000 bet. And now, nearly 20 years later, 55-year-old Brian Zembic is finally thinking of having them removed.

It appears that Zembic, a professional gambler and magician, has always had a penchant for making outrageous bets. He’s done all sorts of crazy things in the past, like living in a friend’s bathroom for a month for $7,000, and sleeping under a bridge with $20,000 in cash strapped to his ankle for a week. But nothing tops the bet he made with a group of friends in 1997 that ultimately led him to getting silicone implants in his chest.

“It was about 1997-ish, I was in some restaurant in Europe and I was with two friends and his girlfriend at the time was flaunting her boobs and I said to my friend: ‘If I had boobs like hers I could get just as much attention as she would,’” Zembic said. And after made the bold statement, one of his friends asked him how much money it would take to actually have him go through with it. They finally settled on a $100,000 bet.


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Of course, breast implants are expensive and in order to make money off the bet, Zembic had to find a way to get it done for free. And he managed to do just that, thanks to his incredible gambling skills. “I knew a plastic surgeon that was also a gambler in New York, so I went to his office and I said: ‘Can you put boobs in me?’ And all he said was: ‘This is for a bet, right?’ I played backgammon with him for an hour; I won $5,000. Boom, surgery was for free, and I woke up with boobs.”

When he got the surgery Zembic insists that his only desire was to win the bet, but he later started to develop a newfound appreciation for his boobs. “They really did look nice, and now I can see why women do certain poses, like push boobs together, turn and twist to make the boobs look nice,” he said. So he didn’t think it would be too difficult for him to keep the boobs for a whole year, which was the condition of the original bet. And when his friend offered to buy out the bet for $50,000, Zembic refused. He kept them a whole year, at the end of which his friend deposited the full $100,000 in a Swiss bank account.


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After the year was up and Zembic was able to have the implants removed, he found himself reluctant to do so. “I got lazy, I was busy gambling, and, honestly, they grew on me,” he said. “Plus, it hasn’t hurt my ability to get girls. They don’t give a s**t.” So he ended up keeping them for nearly 20 years. In a 2014 interview, he expressed no desire to have them removed. “A friend offered me a new bet recently,” he said, speaking to Sabotage Times. “I get $50,000 if I make them one cup size bigger or $10,000 if I take them out completely. But he decided to keep them, saying, “I’ve grown too attached to them.”

In fact, Zembic created an entire career around his one-of-a-kind, 38c chest, appearing on numerous documentary films and reality TV shows. He was also photographed by the popular German-Australian photographer Helmut Nelson, and was featured in a book called The Man With $100,000 Breasts. And Zembic revealed that there is a Hollywood movie in the pipeline, in which “the guy who was Shaggy in Scooby Doo” would play him. Up until 2014, he believes that his breasts have helped him earn a whopping half a million dollars. “I guess it’s a living, huh?” he said.


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As for relationships, Zembic said he’s never found it difficult to get the attention of women. “I was getting chi-chi three weeks after the surgery,” he said. “I guess the boobs really intrigue them.” But he does make sure to shave his chest all the time, because he believes that “girls like them better smooth.” And having had his own pair of boobs for two decades has given him a real insight into what it feels like to be a woman. “You start to see what pigs we men are, the way we talk about breasts – like they’re a jewelry, or a hat or something.”

Zembic’s family is pretty cool about his breast implants – his brothers find them funny and his father says he’d do the same thing for that kind of cash. Even his mother is rather pleased with them. “She says I’m like the daughter she never had,” Zembic claims, adding that he can only remember one person who reacted badly to his boobs. “A friend and I went to a dodgy massage parlor recently and when I dropped my towel this big, fat hooker took one look at my breasts and ran out screaming.”


Zembic had always maintained that there was only one person who could get him to have the implants removed – his teenage daughter Mika. But he finally came to the decision to get them out this year – he recently appeared on the E! reality series Botched, asking the show’s LA-based surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif if they could remove the boobs for him. Zembic says that being a father has changed him a lot, and he doesn’t think money is all that important now.

“The other day someone bet me that I wouldn’t cut off my own penis but I’ve since decided I’m not going to do it,” he said. “I’ve learned that money isn’t everything.”


Sources: Daily Mail, Sabotage Times

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