Real-Life Mario Karts Take LA Motor Show by Surprise

As a kid, cars play a big role in life as they are generally boys’ favorite toys. If you’ve got a father that’s as passionate about cars as you, you may end up going to a motor show and seeing them live.

Once you’re there however, things go a little bit wrong, after the ten or so supercars and a couple of off-roaders you realize it’s not really that interesting. There’s just tons of boring cars for daddy, mommy and whoever else can actually drive. Since odds are that you’re still calling the models “pretty women” there’s no appeal in that either. Car shows aren’t always as fun as you’d imagine they could be when you’re five years old. Unless you went to the LA Motor Show this year.

Weirdly enough, at this motor show Nintendo had their own stand where they unveiled some of the coolest cars ever. They had two life-size Mario karts.Apart from the obligatory kart, the red one driven by Mario, Nintendo also showed off the Bumblebee one. This would be the version driven by Luigi in Mario Kart 7.

The Mario Karts were so popular that grown men had a go at sitting in the drivers seat forgetting about convertible Porsche and Ferrari models. Naturally, this did keep a few kids from sitting in what’s very likely their favorite car of the moment but by the end it felt like everybody had a go and a laugh at the Nintendo stand.

Both karts were using Nintendo’s original design and had been custom made by West Coast Customs. The inner workings of the Mario karts seen at the LA Motor Show are far from impressive (technically) but that doesn’t really matter. What’s really important is that one of these motor-show crowd pleasers will be given away to a lucky Nintendo fan later this year.


via Auto Evolution