Meet Eak the Geek

From the people who brought you The Zombie Boy, Bizarre Magazine, comes Eak the Geek

I’m sure you look at thi guy and say to yourself: This guy belongs in a circus!” And he actually was a part of the Coney Island Circus Slideshow, in New York, where he was known as Eak the Geek, The Pain-Proof Man or The Man Who Painted His Face Like Outer Space. His acts included walking on broken glass, or asking people to walk over him as he was sandwitched between two beds of nails.

But that’s all behind 45-year-old Eduardo Arrocha, who is now a stundent at a presitgious law school in Michigan and trying to make something of his life. And although it’s hard for him to fit in looking as he does, his father is a big-shot in corporate law, so he probably has the genes to pull-ut off.

Eak the Geek says law school is the hardest thing he has ever undertaken, making acting in a freakshow seem like a piece of cake.He’s now telling people he left a freakshow for another.





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