Meet Iggy, the World’s Biggest Neytiri Fan

Iggy, also known as Mr. Avatar, from Edmonton, Alberta, is a fan of James Cameron’s blockbuster who loved the main female character, Neytiri, so much that he covered his entire back with tattoos of her.

You probably thought being a hardcore fan of Avatar meant watching the film more than 10 times, buying the DVD and Bluray versions, hunting for all kinds of memorabilia, and stuff like that. Well, Iggy does all that too, but he’s taken his passion for the world of Pandora and Neytiri to a whole new level. Back in March 2010, Geekologie first introduced “Avatar Tattoo Guy”, after he had just gotten his first back tattoo. That was only the beginning, because meanwhile he added 10 more (all of Neytiri) and planned his 11th, a big Toruk on his chest. For now, he’s hitting the gym more often, so he can get better places for his Neytiri tattoos.

But while tattoos brought him Internet fame, his obsession with Neytiri isn’t limited to ink on his body. Some of the latest photos he posted on his TypePad profile show his truck got a Neytiri makeover, as well, and a NEYTIRI license plate to boot. He also has photos of the 9-feet-tall alien beauty all over his house.

Apparently, this thing he has for Neytiri appeared the first time he saw Avatar. When Neytiri showed up for the first time, he says he experienced a love at first sight type of feeling, and his wife (yes, he’s married) thinks it was because of her big, beautiful eyes. His friends and family apparently have mixed feelings about his strong passion for a fantasy world and female character, but like he says, it’s his body “so, whatever”.

So far, The Avatar Tattoo Guy has seen Avatar over 40 times, 18 times in the IMAX theater, 3 times at regular cinemas and about 20 times at home. You can learn more about Iggy (real name Raymond Knowles) by checking out an interview he gave Unreality Magazine, back in December 2010.