Pen-covered Mercedes-Benz

Costas Schuler saw a book about art cars 5 years ago and was fascinated by them. He knew he wanted to make one of his own but didn’t know where to start, until one morning he woke up and knew he wanted to do something with pens. So he started covering his old 1981 Mercedes -Benz with pens, and he’s been doing it ever since using pens donated from people all around the world.

Costas is known as The Pen-Guy and his car is called Mercedes-Pens and together they travel the country collecting pens and putting smiles on the faces of those who spot them. The Mercedes-Pens is now covered with over 10,000 pens both on the inside and the outside.

For more info on The Pen Guy and his creation, visit his official site.

Thanks Costas!

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