Q1 Tower – World’s Tallest Residential Building

Set in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, the Q1 Tower is the tallest residential building in Australia and the world.

Q1 Tower has a roof height of 275 meters that only make it the second tallest residential building in Australia, after Eureka Tower, in Melbourne. But Q1 also has a long metal spire set up on the roof, which makes the total height of the building go up to 322.5 meters.

The Q1 Tower was inspired by the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch and the Sidney Operahouse and it was named in honor of Australia’s 1920s Olympic sculling team. Q1 also means Queensland Number One and it will not be holding the title of world’s tallest residential building for much longer, a taller D1 Tower is being built in Dubai and it is scheduled for completion in 2009







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