The Amazing Apache Pistol

Amazing mostly through its original look, because in terms of effectiveness, Apache was more of a toy-gun.

Popular as a self-defense weapon, at the end of the 19th century, the Apache was a small weapon, measuring only 4 cm across, when folded. The blade, if we can even call it that, was only a little over 3 cm long, and very thin. If you were to stab someone with that thing, you would get yourself in even more trouble as that would only piss him off.

In terms of firepower, the Apache isn’t much stronger than it is in close quarter combat, the short nozzle and the fact that the hammer doesn’t hit the back of the cartridge, like it does in modern weapons, made it pretty week.

The knuckle-duster-like handle had such tiny finger holes that only the skinniest could fit in, so it’s no surprise the Apache didn’t make a big impact as a weapon. It did have in interesting design though, so it became a collectible. Most of the ones left today are plated with gold and sell for no less than $4,000





via Hell in a Handbasket

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