The First Lebanese Super-Car

Lebanese designer David Frem long announced he will create a super-car better than a Ferrari, but it was just bull.

While the Frem F1 might not be the ugliest car in the world, it’s definitely not a looker either.  The car’s design could have been better, especially in the front, but the F1 suffers a lot in the interior department. No real styling at all, just foam and cardboard, and I’d say Ferrari does interiors a little better than that.

In terms of performance Ferm‘s puppy better keep its head down in front of a Ferrari beast. It’s powered by 2.0 Wolkswagen engine, connected to an Audi gear-box, that pushes the car to a maximum speed of 124mph.

Lebannon may have its first super-car, but instead of testing it against a Ferrari they might want to try an easier opponent, like the Marussia, Russia’s first super-car.









via uaegoal

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