World’s First Pig Fat Museum Opens in Ukraine

Pig fat is considered a tasty treat in central and eastern European countries like Belarus, Russia or the Czech Republic, and the Ukraine has even opened a museum dedicated to it.

Known as salo in the Ukraine, this traditional food is often translated as ‘lard’ or ‘bacon’ in English, but there are some subtle differences between the three. Unlike lard, salo isn’t rendered, and unlike bacon, it contains little or no meat. Just like Coca Cola in America, the wurst in Germany, Ramen in Japan or oatmeal in England, salo is a big part of Ukrainian culture, so it’s only natural they honor it with its own museum. Located on Svobodi Avenue, in Lviv, the Salo Museum features all kinds of exhibits dedicated to the greasy delicacy.

So what does one do at a museum dedicated to pig fat? Well, most Ukrainians admire the detailed sculptures made from salo, like the record-setting giant replica of the human heart and the humanoid sculptures in refrigerated window displays, and try various salo-based dishes. For example, they serve this ‘tasty’ dessert called Marylin Monroe Lips, made with salo, ice-cream and fruit, which apparently is very popular with visitors. Salo sushi and salo chocolate are also among the favorites at the Salo Museum restaurant.

The Salo Museum also features a series of paintings dedicated to the fat delicacy, a fashion collection inspired by it, and offers VIP guests the chance to have their face carved in salo. Founders of the Salo Museum, artist-designer Boris Berger, and local sculptor Miroslav Dedishin plan to turn the venue into a multipurpose art center with varied exhibitions, screenings, readings and master classes, all focused on salo.




Photos via,, Pro Hotelia