World’s Tackiest Apartment Where Everything Is Golden Goes Up for Sale in Russia

An apartment that recently went on sale in Magadan city, in northeastern Russia’s Magadan Oblast region, has caught the attention of more than a few prospective buyers. Located on the second floor of a rather ordinary-looking four story building, the apartment is entirely decked up in gold. Well, not real gold, but shiny golden tint designed to give nearly every surface of the interior, including the walls, furnishings, and even bathroom fittings an expensive look!

According to real estate agent Roman Vikhlyantsev, the current owners are well traveled businessmen with a taste for the fine arts. He explained that the design and layout of the home was made according to their vision of the perfect apartment. “The owners are intellectuals,” he said. “They travel the world and bring exotic decorative items back to their home, which is now reflected in this property.”


For reasons unknown, the owners have now decided to sell the two-bedroom, 800 square foot property, along with every piece of golden furniture and decor it contains. Based on its location and the current economical climate in the nation, offers are expected to start at a minimum of 6.5 million rubles (approx $96,000). That seems rather low, but price isn’t helped by the fact that the city’s weather is rather rough, and there’s a huge prison located nearby.


Vikhlyantsev, however, is quite optimistic that the kitschy-looking golden furniture and other collectibles brought from various parts of the world will fetch a great price from interested buyers. Going by comments in the internet though, he might be wrong. Ever since photographs of the apartment have gone viral, people have mostly been leaving negative comments on various social media sites.


“These people are just idiots,” one person wrote, while another added: “What a terrifying monster this apartment is.”


“Even though all the items are expensive, it looks very cheap,” another commenter wrote.






via Komsomolskaya Pravda

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