Stray Dog Finally Rescued After Living with a Box Stuck on His Head for Almost a Year

Bear, a stray Cane Corso that had been roaming around Alabama’s Gulf Coast for almost a year with a large box stuck on his head was recently caught and freed from his plastic trap.

Bear’s story first made news headlines in January of this year, when it was covered by CBS affiliate, WKRG, following multiple reports of a large canine walking around Mobile with a large, black box on its head. One person told the outlet that his son had seen the dog a couple of months earlier, but they only believed the account after seeing the animal themselves. The story of this unfortunate animal caught the public’s attention and WKRG followed it up with another report, this time featuring the City of Mobile Animal Services (COMAS). The dog had gotten its head stuck in the metal box many months before, but all attempts to capture and free it had failed.

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