Just in Time for Halloween: Company Launches World’s First Coffin-Aged Wine

English wine brand 19 Crimes might just have created the world’s most sinister red wine. They took 100 bottles of wine, put them in a coffin, and buried them six feet under in a creepy Victorian cemetery.

If you’re looking for the most appropriate wine to sip on on Halloween night, look no further than 19 Crimes’ latest creation – the world’s first coffin-aged wine. According to the risqué-specialized company, they took 100 bottles of red wine, put them in an oak casket, and buried them among the dead in London’s Tower Hamlets Cemetery. The wine was recently dug up in the presence of a priest, to ensure that nothing sinister returned with the red liquor, but according to exorcist and paranormal expert Ian Lawman, the wine is most likely cursed anyway.

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