Man Asks Uber Driver To Find Him a Hitman Willing to Take Out Ex-Wife

A Kenyan man has been arrested in Connecticut for trying to have his estranged wife killed by asking a random Uber driver to help him find a hitman willing to do the dirty deed.

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga, 52, a former high-flying executive at Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is facing a lengthy prison sentence for attempting to hire a hitman to kill the woman he had been married to for 22 years. According to a report by the Connecticut State Police, Mwithiga had followed his estranged spouse, who had run away in September of last year because of his abusive behavior, to the United States in an attempt to convince her to return home. Having failed to do that, the man decided that the woman had to die. After getting into an Uber, he reportedly started talking to the driver, telling him that he was “very, very mad” and that he needed a hitman.

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