Finnish Company Develops Bizarre 18-Wheel All-Terrain Vehicle

18Wheels Inc., an aptly-named company in Finland, has developed a strange-looking electric 18-wheel all-terrain vehicle that it claims is vastly superior to the common ATV.

The millipede-inspired design of the 18Wheels Inc. all-terrain vehicle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Basically, it consists of a snowmobile-like body and a set of 18 small wheels each with its own individual suspension system. One of the core ideas of the project was to make this unusual-looking vehicle soil friendly, so the wheels are specifically small so that they don’t damage the soil by leaving huge tire marks on it. The unique suspension system provides a special trajectory of movement and a much smoother ride over all types of rough terrain, which can’t really be said about traditional ATVs.

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Newly-Patented ‘Instant Ice Cream’ Is an Impressive Feat of Engineering

Food scientists have created a machine that uses that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to turn a liquid ice cream mix into a cold, creamy treat in just three seconds.

The new way to create ‘carbonated ice cream’ patented by Syed Rizvi, professor of food science engineering, and Michael E. Wagner, Ph.D., is very different from traditional ice cream. The latter usually involves a dairy-based mix flowing through a heat-exchanging barrel until it starts to freeze, while the newly-patented method has highly pressurized carbon dioxide passing over a nozzle and drawing in the liquid ice-cream mix. When the carbon dioxide goes from extremely high pressure to a lower pressure, it instantly cools the ice cream mix to about minus 70 degrees C, turning it into the frozen treat we all know and love. This is known as the Joule-Thompson Effect.

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Girl Keeps Cutting Power in Her Home Village to Meet Lover under Cover of Darkness

A young girl from the Indian state of Bihar kept cutting the power in her entire village so she could meet a boy from a rival village without anyone seeing them together.

The people of Bettiah, a village in Bihar’s West Champaran district, had been on edge for over a week due to the unusual power outages that seemed to occur almost every night. The total darkness created perfect opportunities for thieves, so people appealed to the electricity company to fix their network, but its representatives reported no infrastructure issues. No one could understand what was going on until one night, when some of the locals stood watch in the village and caught a young couple meeting under cover of darkness. It turned out that the local girl, Priti Kumari, had fallen in love with Rajkumar, a young man from a rival village, and she kept cutting the power in the while village to keep the relationship a secret.

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Farmer Moves to the Big City, Tries to Raise Cattle on Apartment Balcony

A Chinese farmer who had recently relocated from his rural home to an urban apartment building in Sichuan Province shocked his new neighbors when he started raising seven calves on his balcony.

Imagine living on the upper floors of an urban residential complex and waking up one morning to the mooing of bovines and the smell of manure. That was the shocking experience of hundreds of people in Sichuan Province who were shocked to find that a new neighbor had started raising cattle on his small 5th-floor apartment balcony. The man had recently relocated from a village and had brought seven bovine calves, weighing between 10 and 20 kilograms, with him to raise as pets. Annoyed by the constant mooing and foul smell of the young bovines, many of the residents called the authorities, and the animals were forcefully removed on the first day in their new home.

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Man Ruptures Lung While Screaming at Concert of Favorite Idol Group

A 19-year-old man in China reportedly ended up with a hole in his lung while screaming his heart out at a concert of his favorite idol group.

A young man from Shenzhen, China, recently suffered a pneumothorax, also known as a ‘collapsed lung’, while screaming loudly during a concert of his favorite idol group. Chinese media reported that the 19-year-old was enthusiastically screaming during the band’s performance when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. he started experiencing difficulty breathing almost immediately and ended up passing out. The unnamed youth was taken to the emergency room of a Shenzen hospital where doctors concluded that he had suffered an alveolar rupture in one of his lungs due to screaming with excessive force during the concert.

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Pervert Installed Cameras Under His Truck to Film Under Girls’ Skirts

A 44-year-old Japanese man has been arrested and accused of indecent acts after allegedly installing several cameras under his truck so he could drive by young girls and film under their skirts.

Voyeurism and upskirt photography are apparently so widespread in Japan that there is even a word for them –  “chikan”. It describes men who inappropriately try to take pictures under women’s skirts without consent. In one of the most bizarre cases of chikan ever reported, a middle-aged man has been arrested for installing at least four cameras under his light delivery truck so he could slowly drive by skirt-wearing girls, some of them still in primary school, and film under their skirts. After discovering the trucks under his truck, police raided the man’s home and found over 30 hard drives containing hundreds of voyeuristic videos, and despite his continued denial of the accusations, authorities suspect that the number of victims could reach as many as 1,000.

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“Son of the Year” Impersonates Dead Mother to Steal $70,000 from Grieving Father

A UK man has been jailed for draining tens of thousands of pounds from his father’s bank accounts by faking both his voice and that of his dead mother, during phone calls with bank staff.

A complex police investigation found that during a 14-month period in 2017 and 2018, just months after his mother had passed away, 42-year-old Daniel Cuthbert defrauded his grieving father of more than £56,000 ($70,000) by phoning his parents’ bank and posing as both his father and his late mother. Audio footage released by Northamptonshire Police revealed how Cuthbert faked his dead mother’s name on at least nine occasions. He can be heard correctly answering a number of security questions before requesting that a sum of money be transferred from his parents’ account into another account. Cuthbert took all of his father’s savings, including his redundancy pau-out, and also took several loans in his name.

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Woman Ends Up with Ruptured Eardrum After Passionate Ear Kiss

A young Chinese woman suffered a ruptured eardrum while sharing a moment of passion with her boyfriend, who, while kissing her ear, accidentally created too much suction pressure.

Chinese media recently reported the bizarre case of a young woman from Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, who came to the ENT Department of Huizhou First People’s Hospital because she experienced mild pain and hearing loss in her left ear. Upon examining the patient, the doctor on duty found dried blood on her eardrum and a closer inspection revealed that she had suffered a traumatic eardrum perforation. The woman’s medical history didn’t mention any sort of physical trauma at ear level, but when asked if she could recall anything that might have caused the eardrum perforation, she just said that her boyfriend accidentally sucked on her ear canal during a moment of passion…

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Sailor and His Dog Miraculously Rescued After Two Months Adrift in the Pacific Ocean

An Australian sailor and his loyal dog were recently rescued after surviving two months adrift in the Pacific Ocean by eating raw fish and drinking rainwater.

54-year-old Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella left Mexico for French Polynesia back in April, but a few weeks into their 6,000 km journey, Tim’s catamaran was severely damaged in a storm, and they were left with no way to sail. The storm also knocked out all the electronics, so the Sydney-based man had no way of contacting anyone for help, or even cooking his supplies. The last time Shaddock saw dry land was in early May as he sailed out of the Sea of Cortez and into the Pacific during a full moon. He and his canine have been drifting in the Pacific ever since, taking shelter from the sun under a canopy, eating raw fish, and drinking rainwater.

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Man Almost Asphyxiates to Death After Accidentally Swallowing Car Key

A Saudi man had to undergo laparoscopic surgery to unblock his airway after he accidentally swallowed his car key while playing with it.

A medical team at a hospital in Saudi Arabia’s coastal Al Qunfudah governorate has been praised for saving a man’s life by extracting his car key from his respiratory tract. Just how the 49-year-old man managed to swallow his own car key is still unclear, but most Middle Eastern news sources claim that he was ‘playing’ with it. That doesn’t really explain much as we can’t even begin to picture how he was playing with the car key if he ended up swallowing it, but the important thing is that the driver didn’t choke to death and even managed to recover his car key.

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Man Sues Civil Registry After Being Kicked Out by Wife Due to ‘Phonetic Error’

A Chilean man was kicked out of the house by his family after the Civil Registry Office mistakenly registered him as the father of two Venezuelan children whom he had never even met.

Up until the beginning of this month, Leonardo Sepúlveda Rodríguez, a middle-aged man from Santiago, Chile, had enjoyed a peaceful and fulfilling life alongside his wife of 30 years and their two children. However, everything came crashing down on July 5th, when his son went to the local Civil Registry Office to get some documentation required for Family Court and learned that Leonardo had recognized two Venezuelan children as his own. The son called Sepúlveda Rodríguez to confront him, but he was just as dumbfounded. He had never even traveled abroad, let alone conceived two children in Venezuela, but despite his best attempts to prove his innocence, his wife asked him to move out of the house.

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The Bizarre Case of a Teenager Who Was Killed by a Hickey on His Neck

A 17-year-old Mexican teenager died because of a brain embolism allegedly caused by the hickey his older girlfriend left on his neck during a date.

There is a viral video going around Latino TikTok these days about the tragic story of Julio Macías González, a 17-year-old teenager from Iztapalapa, Mexico, who died in 2016 because of a hickey. In the viral video, which has been doing the rounds online for about a week, an AI avatar of young Julio tells the tale of how he died after collapsing during dinner at his parents’ house. On August 25, 2016, while making out with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Julio got a hickey on his neck, but he didn’t think anything of it. After all, young lovers give themselves hickeys all the time, and they’re considered virtually harmless. But what the teen boy didn’t know was that in very rare cases, they can apparently be deadly…

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Scientist Claims to Have Performed Brain Surgery on Himself in His Living Room

A controversial Russian scientist claims to have implanted an electrode into his brain to control his dreams by performing brain surgery on himself, in the comfort of his living room.

Michael Raduga, a Russian researcher with no neurosurgery qualifications whatsoever, reportedly lost more than a ‘liter of blood’ while performing brain surgery on himself in his home in Kazahstan, in order to implant an electrode that one day has the potential to control lucid dreams. Raduga is not a doctor, but he is the founder of Phase Research Center, and organization that claims to provide beginner’s guidance on how one may experience sleep paralysis, out-of-body experiences, and ‘astral projection’. He has quite a cult following in Russia, and many of his followers have been praising him for his courage to push boundaries in order to achieve his goals, but neurosurgeons are warning that he is treading on extremely dangerous ground.

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Researchers Find That Birds Are Using Anti-Bird Spikes to Build and Protect Their Own Nests

A team of Dutch researchers has discovered that magpies and crows are using metal spikes designed to keep them away from certain urban areas to reinforce their own nests and keep intruders at bay.

Scientists have known for a while that magpies and crows are some of the most intelligent birds in the world, but even they were baffled by their amazing ability to adapt to hostile urban environments. It’s not unusual for birds to use human trash and debris as tools and building materials for their nests, button see them use the very things we humans use against them was nothing short of baffling for researchers at the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam and the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, in the Netherlands.

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Spanish Grocery Store to Charge Tourists Who Come in Just to Look

Fed up with tourists who only come in to check out the scenery, the owners of Queviures Múrria, a centennial grocery store in Barcelona, have put up a sign announcing a 5 euro fee ($5.6) for coming in just to look.

Queviures Múrria has been in business since 1898 and is one of the most eye-catching locations in all of Barcelona. The vintage look of the store and the traditional design of the interior draw in hundreds of tourists every day, but the problem is that many of them aren’t actually interested in the products sold inside – all kinds of traditional Spanish cured sausages, cold cuts, cured cheeses, oils, wines, etc. According to one of the managers, many tourists enter the store without even muttering a simple ‘hello’, wander around taking pictures, and then simply leave without buying anything. So he decided to charge people for ‘just looking’ just to discourage them.

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