Sinkhole in Florida Road Reveals Mysterious Bank Heist Tunnel

FBI agents in Florida are investigating a potential bank burglary, after a small sinkhole in a road in Pembroke Pines revealed a mysterious 50-yard tunnel that appeared to be heading toward a local Chase bank.

It all started Tuesday night, when public works employees in Pembroke Pines received a complaint about a sinkhole in the middle of the road at 390 South Flamingo Road. The next morning a crew of workers was sent out to investigate and fix the damage, but after looking into the sinkhole and seeing what looked like a power cord running between a nearby bank and a wood line, they decided to hold off the repairs and notify the police. The sinkhole turned out to be linked to a narrow underground tunnel heading from an entrance near the tree line towards the bank, so police reported the matter to the FBI.

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