Fan of Ricky Martin Undergoes 40 Cosmetic Surgeries to Look Like His Idol

Fran Mariano, an Argentinian fan of Latino superstar Ricky Martin, has undergone dozens of different cosmetic procedures in an attempt to copy the look of his idol.

Ricky Martin is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He is a global icon with millions of fans all over the world, but few as obsessed as Fran Mariano, an Argentinian man who has been trying to become a ‘clone’ of Ricky Marin ever since the Puerto Rican singer was named one of the sexiest 100 men one the world. He has been trying all kinds of ways to transform himself into Ricky Martin, including having motor oil injected into his eyebrows, as well as dozens of other procedures that have left him with serious physical and psychological sequelae.

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