Japanese Startup Invents Wearable Device That Gives You 10 Minutes to Find a Toilet

There are plenty of apps that remind us to drink water, or exercise, but here’s a first – a wearable device that lets you know when it’s time to use the toilet! Triple W, a California-based Japanese startup, has come up with an innovative technology that predicts bowel movements and gives users a 10-minute heads-up before needing to use the toilet.

The concept might seem funny, but it could actually be a godsend for people whose work only allows for scheduled breaks, and also those who suffer from health problems like incontinence. All you need to do is attach the device to your stomach and connect it to an app on your smartphone. The sensors in the device can detect any swelling in your intestines and send notifications to your phone 10 minutes in advance. The app also records bowel movements to learn your daily habits and improve the accuracy of notifications.


Triple W recently pitched the device, called ‘D Free’, at a venture capital event. The makers described it as a way to help people who have somewhat unpredictable bowels, giving them ample time to find a toilet. They said that it’s particularly useful for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility, especially in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.


Tentatively priced at $200, D Free isn’t available to the public yet – Triple W said they need to raise funds and they’re planning to do that through crowdfunding sites. They hope to raise enough money to start shipping to US consumers in May and to Japan in December. They also want to try and bring the price tag down to $50 once they can afford large-scale production.


D Free sure does sound like a useful device, but it could lead to a few awkwardly funny situations. Imagine, for example, if three or four alarms went off at once, with only one bathroom in the vicinity!

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