Cable Car Dangling 9,000 Feet in the Air Is Transformed into Luxurious Hotel Room

Hanging over 9,000ft above sea level, near the top of Mt. Sommet de la Saulire, in the French Alps, the cable car was transformed by popular lodging rental website Airbnb into a stunning one-bedroom, two-bed apartment that can accommodate up to four guests. The setting is a part of the website’s ‘A Night At’ contest, which awards users 24-hour getaways at such exclusive locations.

Winners of the contest will be taken up to the mountain on snowmobiles and after a special Savoyard dinner under the stars, the guests will get to spend the night, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. Because of the strong winds in the mountainous region, the one-bedroom, two-bed apartment will apparently be teetering all night long causing you to either freak out or get a better night’s sleep. Whatever the case, at least you will be waking up to a spectacular alpine view.


For a chance to spend a ‘Night at 9,000ft in the air’, all you need to do is enter Airbnb’s giveaway and explain in 100 words why you deserve to win. Adventurous travelers have until February 25 to enter, and the four winners will be announced on March 6.


The luxurious cable car is part of Airbnb’s “amazing places to rent” giveaway, with previous locations including a commercial jet and an IKEA store.







via Fast Company

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