Chinese Tourist Attraction Lets You Experience Kung Fu Movie Flying First Hand

A unique tourist attraction in southeastern China’s Fujian province lets wuxia fans fulfill their dream of experiencing the flying techniques of the kung-fu masters they used to watch on TV growing up.

If you’re a fan of popular wuxia films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” or “House of Flying Daggers”, you’ve probably fantasized or even tried reenacting scenes where protagonists soared through the air or battled their rivals while defying gravity. Not the easiest thing to do without the right props, but luckily there is now a place where you can reproduce all your favorite kung-fu movie techniques to a stunning backdrop of traditional Chinese architecture and waterfalls.

Using a system of elastic wires and harnesses similar to the ones used in wuxia movies, the staff at this mysterious tourist attraction in Fujian province allow visitors to fly through the air with the same grace as their on-screen heroes. To add to the dramatic effect and the appeal of this Instagram-worthy attraction, traditional outfits are also provided so you can feel and look like a wuxia master or princess.


This real-life wuxia world, which is reportedly located in a scenic part of Youxi county, has already captured the imagination of millions of Chinese wuxia fiction fans after clips filmed their were posted online.

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