Japan’s Macho Cafe Is Like Hooters for Women

Women in Tokyo, Japan, recently got the opportunity to enjoy a visual treat at their very own Hooters-style café. The pop-up venue, called Macho Café, featured muscled men clad in tight vests, serving food to visibly flustered female customers.

According to Macho Café’s official website, the owners asked themselves a very puzzling question” “why are there cafes that offer coffee from carefully selected beans, but no cafes that offer carefully selected macho men?” So they decided to rectify the situation by offering “finest quality premium roast” handpicked bodybuilders to their female clientele.


The menu was carefully designed to match the experience – it featured healthy protein-packed meals that the men prepared themselves. The appetizers included salted egg whites and oatmeal, while the larger meal options consisted of scrambled egg whites and brown rice-flour bread, topped with Italian tomato sauce.


Patrons were also given the opportunity to take Polaroid photographs with their favorite macho waiters, or to chat with them at their table for 15 minutes. Food prices are pretty spices for what you’re getting, but, hey, it’s not every day that you get served by a young muscly waiter wearing a tank top. For example, a simple pancake meal costs a whopping ¥1,620 ($13.50) but you get to gaze at one of the buff waiters as they squeeze toppings on it.


The most expensive item on the menu doesn’t even include food. Called the ‘Wall of Meat’ it’s the chance to have your picture taken while surrounded by a wall of muscle formed by the waiters. It will set you back 3,219 yen (US $26).


Unfortunately, the Macho Café isn’t a daily thing, at least not yet. It has only been opened for very limited dates, but it was a smashing success every single time. Photographs show a long line of women waiting outside for the chance to be seated and served by the macho staff.





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