London Hotel Unveils Hogwarts-Themed Rooms Designed to Look Like Harry Potter’s Living Quarters

If you’ve ever fantasized about living at Hogwarts Castle (as all Potterheads do), then here’s some good news for you. The Georgian House hotel in London is offering its guests a Harry Potter Hotel Package, with Hogwarts-themed bedrooms that are designed to resemble Harry’s fictional dorm room.

The Gregorian House is a four-star hotel built in 1851 and still run by the descendants of the original owners. While the hotel traditionally offers Victoria Classic and Belgravia Boutique rooms, they’ve decided to take full advantage of the renewed worldwide interest in Harry Potter, ever since J K Rowling released a new Harry Potter story on her website, Pottermore.

Aptly named ‘The Georgian House’s Wizard Chambers’, the two transformed rooms contain everything that a would-be wizard might need – four-poster beds, potion bottles, cauldrons, spell books, and even battered trunks. The interiors are done up with ‘Hogwartsian’ accents, perfectly capturing the essence of the Potter universe.


“The rooms are initially inspired by the Harry Potter films; the draped four-poster beds, and the battered trunks for instance,” said Serena von der Heyde, partner at the 163-year-old Georgian House. “The initial idea was to find something to really appeal to children. But we really wanted to create a magical experience, so there are lots of original and creative touches, like a wand painted into the hand of a portrait of Mona Lisa, for example.”


In addition to the rooms, the hotel is also offering tickets to the popular Muggle Walking Tour that takes you to places around London where the films were shot, like platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station. There’s also a trip on the custom-designed Harry Potter Tour bus to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, to check out the films’ sets and props.


The smaller Wizard Chambers can accommodate three people at £249 (roughly $400) per night. The larger room, which sleeps five, costs £363 ($585) a night. Room rates without the extras cost £209 ($340) per night for two, with an additional £20 for a child. Unfortunately, they serve a regular English breakfast, not bogey-flavored Bertie Botts beans, as one would expect.


Interestingly, after news about the Harry Potter rooms went viral, The Gregorian House website crashed, due to massive incoming traffic.



Photos: The Georgian House Hotel

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