Macabre Doll-Covered Building in Mexico Goes Viral on Google Maps

Avenida Iztacalco 9 in Mexico City was one of the most searched addresses on Google Maps this week, after photos of a creepy, doll-covered house located there went viral on social media.

It all started with a short TikTok video shared by user Fernando Mata, who runs a segment called “Weird Things on Google Maps”, where he gradually zooms in on strange things found on the popular platform. In episode three of his series, he featured Avenida Iztacalco 9, an address in Mexico City where a creepy-looking building is supposedly located. With dozens of old and dismembered dolls hanging on its facade and on the fence around the building, it’s not hard to understand why warnings like “Do not search for Avenida Iztacalco 9 on Google Maps before going to bed!” went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: Google Maps

Similar to Mexico’s famous Island of Dolls in Xochimilco, the building at Avenida Iztacalco 9 has creepy dolls and doll part hanging on its facade, as well as on top of the fence and gate surrounding it. It’s definitely not the kind of place you would like to pass by alone, at night, and people were quick to wonder who in their right mind would decorate their house like that.

Photo: Google Maps

Well, it turns out the answer to the burning question makes a lot of sense. Avenida Iztacalco 9 is the address of a small esoterics shop, and the creepy dolls are nothing but an ingenious advertisement to attract those dealing in the occult.


According to Mexican media, Avenida Iztacalco 9 and its unusual decorations have gone viral on social media in the past, but with people stuck in their homes and looking for ways to pass the time, the Google Maps link was once again massively shared, leading to a resurgence in online popularity.