The Japanese Bar Where Waiters Are Princes, Customers Are Princesses and Everyone Is a Girl

Japan really does have some of the most interesting bars and restaurants that cater to a large variety of customers with strange interests. We’ve heard of restaurants catering to airsoft lovers, offering great discounts to bald patrons, using monkeys as waiters, and even a bar run by a monk. Now we’ve found out about a cross-dressing Tokyo bar that caters only to a female clientele. The waiters are women too, dressed as dashing young princes, while the customers get to be princesses for the day.

The aptly named ‘Bar Prince’ is located in Tokyo’s Nakano ward. They have a strict women-only policy for the staff as well as patrons. The boyish-looking staff don ruffle-trimmed prince outfits and swept-over hairstyles – they’re all crossdressers. Their mission is simple – to make every woman who walks through their doors feel like a princess. They even have a special name for their customers: ‘o-hime-sama’, which, obviously, means princesses.


Bar Prince has been in business since 2012. It is open every day from 3:00 pm – a cafe by day and a bar by night. The menu features interesting dishes like ‘princes’ homemade pickles’ and ‘omu-raise’ (rice omelet) with a picture drawn on it using ketchup. Hard drinks are offered, as well as non-alcoholic ones like ‘coffee hand-ground by a prince’.


The prince-waters at the bar are mini-celebrities in their own right. Each one has a distinct personality; you could pick your favorite one and follow them on Twitter. If you’re lucky, you could even get a picture taken with them. Their princely outfits were designed exclusively for the bar and the swanky interiors do give the place the royal feel.




Bar Prince via RocketNews24

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