Tokyo Hotel Hopes to Attract Business with Godzilla-Themed Rooms

In movies, the mere sight of Godzilla has people running for the hills, but a new Godzilla-themed hotel in Shinjuku, Japan, is hoping the iconic monster will actually draw in new business.

Set at the very top of the Toho Cinema, in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward, Hotel Gracery not only features Godzilla-themed rooms but also a 12-meter-high model of the monster’s head on its roof that can be admired from one of the six Godzilla View rooms. Interior decorations include a man-sized statue of Godzilla, a menacing claw hanging on the wall above the beds, classic movie posters and even custom Godzilla-themed toilets.


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“This Godzilla head is part of our strategy for the 2020 Olympics when many foreign tourists will visit and we want to provide the best experience to them,” said hotel spokesperson Eigo Ueda. “What better way than to appeal to tourists with a giant Godzilla figure.”


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Shinjuku mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi declared himself thrilled about the presence of Godzilla in his city: “Godzilla is a character that is the pride of Japan,” he said. “I hear that any town Godzilla destroys on screen will become prosperous afterwards,” adding that he hopes Shinjuku will be the next city the popular monster destroys in the next film.


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Godzilla fans will have to shell out roughly $335 for a Godzilla room on weekdays and over $400 on weekends, while the smaller Godzilla View rooms that overlook the monster’s giant head cost $125 per night.


Photo: TM & (C)TOHO CO., LTD

The place looks tacky as hell, but fans of the original 1954 Godzilla film are sure to dig into their savings for a night at the unique Tokyo hotel.


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